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Bro Steve Winter DD

Beware the #fakenews propagandist media

It is very important that we all are aware that the mainstream media CBS NBC CNN MSNBC ABC and the list goes on and on are propaganda arms of the extreme left socialist Democrat party.  They are God hating and America hating.  They are not news reporters but rather spin doctors, propagandists. The social media masters Facebook Google and Twitter etc are highly censorious of Christian and conservative views as much as they can be.

Will you find some truth on the mainstream media?  Yes, but everything will be slanted towards leftist socialist communist Democrat party talking points.

They really are #FAKENEWS and worse than that they are Democrat leftist socialist anti-God communist propagandists.

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Bro. Steve Winter DD

Bro Steve Winter DD

If you were uninformed and had a choice between two candidates that were both morally neutral and saying the same thing in order to sound politically correct but one of them promised you a bunch of free stuff, which would you choose?  A politician cannot tell everyone what they wish to hear while retaining his or her integrity.  I have read where even God Himself said that lukewarm people make Him vomit (really look it up Revelation of John 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.)

For a position to be valid it must first be true and those demanding free handouts from a government need to be aware about where their government is going to get all that money.  I can answer that one. They will take it by force from other citizens.  Soon those voting money to themselves will outnumber those who are working and having their money taken by force.  That is when things (and great nations) fall.  This is not a new concept.  Socialism sounds good to the Ignorati but does not end well except for those who happen to be rulers.

People have actually lost their lives by electing corrupt politicians who were incompetent to help them when disaster struck.  New Orleans and Baltimore come to mind.  Integrity and competence matter.  Some might not like the way I am phrasing this but having a muslim enemy of the USA in the White House who is deliberately weakening our military while providing billions to sponsors of terrorism like Iran will certainly cost lives.  Allowing them nuclear weapons will be even more problematic.  Of course all that Obama does should be credited to the RINOs who were sent to stop him but lacked enough backbone. Should we blame the corrupt RINO Speaker of the House or the RINO majority leader more than those who kept them on?  Have our liberal neighbors not considered that the chant "Death to America" also includes them?

Another interesting thing that seemingly few have noticed is that muslims are having quite a few babies while their Democrat and RINO pawns are promoting a holocaust of abortions here.  The "black lives matter" folks might want to consider the genocide being financed by tax money through organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile the corrupt RINO cartel is scrambling to eliminate the main constitutionally qualified candidate who is rallying unprecedented support by simply speaking the truth and then refusing to cower when attacked by politically correct truth haters.

Our country is in grave danger from socialists in both parties.

Another consideration for patriots if you are not gravely concerned yet is that if the socialist Democrat party is successful in corrupting the electoral system by flooding the US with illegal criminal voters and preventing voter ID laws then all our pet political issues will certainly be moot along with our constitution.

Bro Steve Winter DD

Bro Steve Winter DD

If you consider yourself Christian but you voted for a liberal Democrat (leftist socialist) don't be so hard on yourself when you see the country being ruined. There is an easy solution for you. You need to repent, ask God to forgive you and then simply don't do it again.

Friends don't let friends be useful idiots.

Bro. Steve Winter

See and share It is far worse than you ever imagined.