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Bro Steve Winter DD
I have been censored by Facebook for 30 days. I have a couple of requests here.

First I ask any real Christians to agree with me in prayer that the Lord would reward the filth responsible according to their works, both the false-christian deceivers AND the corrupt devils in Facebook who went along with them.


Please cut and paste the following to Facebook groups and pages as I have been blocked from posting for 30 days and to other sites where it might be of interest..

Bro. Steve Winter has again been censored and blocked from posting to Facebook by Facebook on behalf of some false-christians.Please see and share far and wide, on and off of Facebook. 

You can also find his publishing at

Bro Steve Winter DD

I posted a message of truth with scripture rightly divided and some vile reprobate devils attacked me for teaching truth on my own page (but no one really has a page or a group because the devils running Facebook can block you at their whim.)  I responded to the reprobate devils with more truth and they managed to get some corrupt filth at Facebook to censor my replies to them and to block me from posting for 7 days and block me even from communicating privately with friends.  I have spent these 7 days posting in other places and promoting  I now ask all real Christians reading this to agree with me in prayer that the Lord would reward those reprobate filth according to their works and really bring it home to them along with those at Fbook who cooperated with them.

It is very important to be aware of the corruption and anti-Christian and anti-conservative nature of Facebook.  If you are building on Facebook you are building your house on sand. You could lose your ability to communicate with your friends with no notice at some devil's whim.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket.  You cannot trust Facebook. I know this to be true.  That is why I post most of my material at and then just share parts of it on FB.

Please take a moment and share this post around Facebook and warn others about Facebook censorship and corruption.

Bro. Steve Winter