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Ruth Thompson
Ruth Thompson Aug 26 '13
Ruth Thompson
Ruth Thompson Aug 10 '13 · Comments: 1
Ruth Thompson  


This is a new spot I have been witnessing to.  This is a world wide spot and most do not know the truth as we do on bible folks.  If you want come and help me witness as you have the truth here at Bible folks. 





Ruth Thompson Aug 7 '13
Ruth Thompson


This is what someone emailed me today because of what I posted against their video (below)

it is so sad that people feel like this today.  We just have to keep fighting and telling them as best we can.

This is the email:;

God is punishing everyone forever because of two people that didn't even know they were doing anything wrong? I mean they literately had no possible way of knowing not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.

It's like me telling my son not to touch the stove because it's hot, and then when he does and burns himself; I set him on fire and then torture any children he may happen to have in the future. Granted he lives that long after his "well deserved punishment"

Click here if you want to see the video:  God is not good.


Ruth Thompson Aug 7 '13 · Comments: 1
Bro Steve Winter

Be aware of what you are supporting with some animal "rescue" (so called) organizations.  They may have clever word arrangements that spell CARE or things like that, but the bottom line is that their fuzzy "feel good" rules and regulations spell death for the animals waiting while they refuse to adopt out animals in their CARE while waiting for someone that fits their highly restrictive agenda.   Sure, they may never put down any of the animals in their "CARE", but with their restrictive adoption policies a whole lot of animals are put down waiting in line that could be adopted.  And you know what, some of them would end up in less than ideal homes, but compared to DEATH I think it would be preferable.

In a particular situation I am aware of personally I was willing to pay $100 for a kitten, but because I don't see the need for possibly dangerous inoculations for my other two INDOOR ONLY cats, I was rejected (I do believe strongly in rabies shots and neutering).   The people running these scam organizations have my purest and deepest contempt.   They do NOT deserve your support.  If they really CAREd about animals they would not be playing ignorant, feel good, ego games while so many animals are being put down.

If someone is willing to pay $100 for a kitten I would seriously doubt that they planned to eat it or put it out on the street, but at least the next kitty waiting in line would have a CHANCE at life.

Some of these "rescue" groups are misrepresenting what they really are doing.  Their pride and ignorance is inexcusable.  Don't support them with your donations.  Boycott pet supply stores that enable their stupidity and arrogance.

Steve Winter

ps. I found an ad in the newspaper that just said Free Kittens and a phone number.  Our new three month old, domestic born, kitty was free and was brought home right after he allowed me to carry him around for about five minutes without scratching me.  I will call the vet tomorrow to have him checked out and stuff and then have the rest of his work done when he is old enough.

Here are the first two kitties

Very basic cat tutorial and Luke and Lilly piano lessons

Billy Vaughn
Its been a while since I have been on here. God is truly great and better than that! May the True church work together for the Kingdom of God. Let us preach the One True God, Repentance, Baptism in Jesus Name, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Holy Living. I am striving to go forth a do a greater work of ministry than ever before. We need to be sold out for Jesus Christ.
Billy Vaughn Jul 26 '13
Ruth Thompson


Many faces go walking by; can you hear the passers’ cry?

Down the lonely road of life

Countless thousands are filled with strife.

What is Joy?  They cannot tell, but must we only wish them well?

As they walk their crooked way,

Do they know what it means to pray?

Questions like these race in the minds… Minds of people who don’t have time,

So let’s descend to hell’s yawning gate,

And hear the cries of those who wait.

Many faces do I recognize, but why are they there?   I ask in surprise,

Because of people who do not care..

To carry the gospel to the despondent and bare..

Many faces so wretched and cold…  I dare not reach for the hell bounder’s soul,

Then let us evacuate to another location,

If you won’t tell of God’s salvation, what you would do if He had not bore….

Bore all your sin, sorrow, and pain?

God would only have you to blame.

I see your point; I reply in disgrace, I guess my priorities were all misplaced.

Hey!  There goes a soul… Sir, stop if you can,

I must tell you of a gracious plan.

By David Halett

Ruth Thompson Jul 9 '13
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