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In The use of the word Hallelujah.
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Prayer Requests
Please do pray for the needs shared here. Prayer requests should never include information that might embarrass or violate anyone's privacy. God will know the identity of those in need.
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Bro Steve Winter · Jan 28 '15
In Pray with me against the devil's filth.
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Tea Party
A group for TeaParty discussions 
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Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians
A group for real Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians and for those interested in Biblical Christianity
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Bro Steve Winter · Mar 16
In Don't make yourself a partaker with the devil's ministers by giving Christian greetings to them.
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If it's not really a baby you're not really pregnant.
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In Margaret Sanger Quotes.
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Keep it friendly and respectful unless the other person is a liberal, socialist, communist etc...
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2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is the one holding all of the other ones in place.
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Bro Steve Winter · Mar 6 '16
In  What Natural Born Citizen Trump Has Planned For The 2nd Amendment
Bible Science / Creation Science
Young Earth.  Science supports the Genesis description. 
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Nancy Winter · Apr 30 '16
In Share the science videos you recommend
Home Schooling
Many elect to raise their own children rather than handing them over to the government for indoctrination.   This has led to a plethora of support options.  If you home school you should be a member of
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Teresa Pittman · Sep 14 '15
In Who said it #8
Who is Jesus

What manner of man is this! (Luke 8:25)


From the beginning of the world to this day, people often ask this, who is this man or who is Jesus ? There are countless answers would be given in different perspective by the people. However, the scriptures of Bible dichotomies the preciseness of Him, who Jesus is !


The wise and prudent of this world would say he must be a revolutionist of that day he lived. Some other would say, he was a reformer. Some common people of Jesus’ time said, he is a carpenter’s son. Some said, he is prophet. Some said he is Elija etc. However, historically, we can prove about HIM (Jesus) who is He, as follows :


1.         There are only two (2) Eras in the world, i.e. BC and AD. The middle of these Eras, my Jesus stands. These two eras depicts the existence of Jesus. Nobody in the world can deny the fact of BC and AD. (History)


2.         The Calendar depicts the year and dates. The Calendar in our home depicts the year 2013 reveals that, 2013 years before Jesus had been crucified. This is a worldly accepted fact and no documents, deeds, records, transactions etc. are valid, unless there is a date and an year.


3.         Bio-Data. Whoever write his/her bio-data, date of birth and year is to be mentioned to prove their age. Therefore, the year (1960, 1970 1980 1990 etc.) which they write in the bio-data reveal, so and so year before Christ had been crucified.


4.         All the so called gods and goddesses’ (Nobody knows from where they came and where their bodies buried) tombs of this world are still covered and shut down. However, the tomb of Jesus, who had been buried in Jerusalem is opened and guarded till today, to prove that Jesus is the risen Christ. His birth is recorded at the time of taking a census in the time of King Caesar Augustus, in Judea.


So, who is Jesus ? What Jesus is saying about himself. Let’s refer Luke Chapter 24 : 27 “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.


44  “And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.


And beginning at Moses …….concerning himself. Who introduced God to the world ? or who started writing about God ? It was not the worldly writes like Shakespear or HG Wells or John Keats or Confucious, who confused the World. It was Moses ! the Godly man, who wrote, “In the beginning ‘God’ created the heaven and the earth. Jesus says the ‘God’ Moses wrote, i.e. about me only. Moreover, Jesus said, in the law of Moses, prophets, Psalms and all the scriptures pointing about me !!!! What a wonderful fact.


I got the wonderful privilege in my life to knew the invisible, indivisible infinite Almighty God, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God manifested in flesh, i.e. Jesus, who saved us from our sins by shedding his precious blood on the cross at Calvary. So, who is Jesus to us ? Our Saviour, Healer, Redeemer, Tower, Deliverer, Hedge, Fortress and so many other unexplicable benefits, kindness, grace and mercy bestowed us.


Thank you Lord !

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Bro Steve Winter · Apr 23 '13
In Some true Oneness doctrines
Organic Gardening
Share your gardening tales and tips.
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Teresa Pittman · Sep 20 '14
In The fall food garden article.
Terrorism in the United States of America
Terrorist attacks in the United States.
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Bro Steve Winter · Jul 14 '16
In Don't say terrorrism, say islam. Terror is merely a TACTIC The enemy is islam
The Move of Jesus Christ in Kenya
Lift me up and will draw many unto myself!!
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Duncan Nderi · Sep 2 '15
In God moved with us
Pet Stories and sharing
This is the group to share your pet stories and things.  If you don't know what pets are someone here will be glad to explain it to you.
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Bro Steve Winter · May 27 '16
In The little tiny kitten in the group photo
Hoax (then and now)
 Something intended to deceive or defraud by a hoax; hoodwink,deception,fake,humbug,imposture.
If you think something is a hoax, then post it.  This can be serious and fun at the same time.
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Teresa Pittman · Mar 17
In Consumer Protection article on the 2016 scam to avoid.
The Smile Club
Laugh, giggle, chuckle, give joy and happiness to  Bible Folk members.  (No forum posts please.)  Post only on wall/news feed.  Because we all need to smile and have a little clean fun.
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Health tips for healthy living
A place to share health tips.  Please use discretion as every fad that comes and goes is not necessarily beneficial.  Share things that you are familiar with personally.
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Bro Steve Winter · Jul 20 '15
In Switchel, one of the best kept health secrets
Pagan Rooted Holidays
Support and education group for people needing help deciding not to observe Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc...   No bashing, keep it nice, keep it Holy.
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Bro Steve Winter · Jan 11