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Bible Study
General Bible Study Group
10 23
Bro Steve Winter · Jan 30 '16
In Doctrinal Questions
Tea Party
A group for TeaParty discussions 
2 0
Site Admin · Mar 19 '13
Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians
A group for real Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians and for those interested in Biblical Christianity
139 40
Bro Steve Winter · Jun 10
In Biblical Repentance
Pro Life
If it's not really a baby you're not really pregnant.
8 3
Bro Steve Winter · Aug 9 '15
In The muslims are not aborting their babies
Politics and current events
Keep it friendly and respectful unless the other person is a liberal, socialist, communist etc...
58 30
Bro Steve Winter · Aug 1 '16
2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is the one holding all of the other ones in place.
22 1
Bro Steve Winter · Mar 6 '16
In  What Natural Born Citizen Trump Has Planned For The 2nd Amendment
Bible Science / Creation Science
Young Earth.  Science supports the Genesis description. 
3 5
Bro Steve Winter · May 27 '18
In Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil
Home Schooling
Many elect to raise their own children rather than handing them over to the government for indoctrination.   This has led to a plethora of support options.  If you home school you should be a member of
5 4
Bro Steve Winter · Feb 3 '15
In The DEVASTATING Effects of Anti-Vaccine Advocates Illustrated in One SHOCKING Graph
Organic Gardening
Share your gardening tales and tips.
6 12
Bro Steve Winter · Sep 28 '13
In New chicken showed up in our yard.
Terrorism in the United States of America
Terrorist attacks in the United States.
20 7
Bro Steve Winter · Jul 14 '16
In Don't say terrorrism, say islam. Terror is merely a TACTIC The enemy is islam
The Move of Jesus Christ in Kenya
Lift me up and will draw many unto myself!!
12 10
Bro Steve Winter · Jul 12 '19
In Recently Bro. Duncan's ministry baptized 30 in Jesus Name in Western Kenya
Pet Stories and sharing
This is the group to share your pet stories and things.  If you don't know what pets are someone here will be glad to explain it to you.
6 3
Bro Steve Winter · May 27 '16
In The little tiny kitten in the group photo
Health tips for healthy living
A place to share health tips.  Please use discretion as every fad that comes and goes is not necessarily beneficial.  Share things that you are familiar with personally.
4 1
Bro Steve Winter · Jun 21 '17
In What Are Ketones and Are They Healthy?