Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians
A group for real Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Jesus Name Christians and for those interested in Biblical Christianity
73 members
Bible Study
General Bible Study Group
55 members
Pro Life
If it's not really a baby you're not really pregnant.
49 members
Bible Science / Creation Science
Young Earth.  Science supports the Genesis description. 
47 members
Politics and current events
Keep it friendly and respectful unless the other person is a liberal, socialist, communist etc...
34 members
Pet Stories and sharing
This is the group to share your pet stories and things.  If you don't know what pets are someone here will be glad to explain it to you.
35 members
The Smile Club
Laugh, giggle, chuckle, give joy and happiness to  Bible Folk members.  (No forum posts please.)  Post only on wall/news feed.  Because we all need to smile and have a little clean fun.
29 members
Organic Gardening
Share your gardening tales and tips.
27 members
Hoax (then and now)
 Something intended to deceive or defraud by a hoax; hoodwink,deception,fake,humbug,imposture. If you think something could be a hoax, then post it.  This can be serious and fun at the same time.
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The Move of Jesus Christ in Kenya
Lift me up and will draw many unto myself!!
23 members
Islamic Terrorism in the USA and around the world
Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States and around the world.
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Home Schooling
Many elect to raise their own children rather than handing them over to the government for indoctrination.   This has led to a plethora of support options.  If you home school you should be a member of
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2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is the one holding all of the other ones in place.
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Pagan Rooted Holidays
Support and education group for people needing help deciding not to observe Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc...   No bashing, keep it nice, keep it Holy.
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Tea Party
A group for TeaParty discussions 
12 members
Health tips for healthy living
A place to share health tips.  Please use discretion as every fad that comes and goes is not necessarily beneficial.  Share things that you are familiar with personally.
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