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Addressed to :


All Oneness Apostolic Ministers, Pastors, brothers and sisters,


Greetings to all in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ.


I am Abraham and doing ministry in Mumbai, India.


With me, following brothers are working :


1.    Jackson Fernandez (formerly a catholic believer) Mumbai.

2.    Manoj Peter (formerly a catholic believer) from South India.

3.    Sunil Nair (Hindu convert) Mumbai.

4.    Raghunathan (Hindu convert) South India.


My main objective is to preach gospel, all over India and abroad as the Spirit of God leads.


Our main focus is to spread the gospel in the unreached areas and rural and villages remotely.


Since spreading the gospel in India, day-by-day tough and difficult, we request all your supports for our ministry, since we all are part of Christ’s body. As you know when weaker parts of body need attention and care, I urge all you have to extend your whole hearted support  for Indian ministry.  Trinitarians are flourishing like anything with the support of foreigners pouring in money for false doctrine’s prosperity.


However, the Oneness Apostolic ministry’s growth is snail phase. During this period, our present requirement is a vehicle which can accommodate 8-10 people, to travel together to villages for spreading the gospel. Initially, we require 4 scootters, so that we can accommodate 8 people for 50-60 kilometers journey.


I believe and trust that, you will consider my request for this noble cause and stretch out your hands for helping the ministry.


My only wish and desire is to spread the Oneness Apostolic truth, all over the world without compromise, for which your voluntary support and prayer earnestly solicited.


You can check my credentials with Pastor Steve Winter,who have published a book titled “BIBLICAL SOUND DOCTRINE” recently, in Amazon Kindle, written by me. I am thankful to him and his wife Nancy Winter’s for their wonderful and untiring efforts dedicated for publishing a book of mine, which I never thought in my mind. He found me faithful in Lord’s ministry.


Once again thanking you for your kind and favourable support and prayer for the Indian Gospel Ministry.


With kind regards,

Bro. Abrahamkutty P.G.


You may please get in touch with me on my email:

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Apr 26 '17
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